If you are planning to go to an El Cajon waxing spa, it is important to perform an extensive research. Here are the top 3 things you need to consider when looking for a good waxing salon.


It is suggested that you pay a personal visit to the spa beforehand to evaluate the cleanliness of the salon and the personal hygiene of its staff. Employees should put safety and cleanliness first. Scrubbing their hands and wearing gloves before starting a wax is essential in keeping the procedure sanitary. 

Moreover, improper disposal of materials such as wax and spatulas can give rise to spreading of bacteria and contamination. A good Brazilian wax spa should never recycle wax and spatulas. Make sure that they sanitize all their equipment including tables and chairs.  It is significant that they are keen in cleaning all their facilities and instruments. 
You don’t want to leave the salon with scars and infections, do you? 

Licensed Professional 

They should employ a licensed estheticians Skills and knowledge in executing the procedure is very crucial. Usually, salons display their licenses where you can easily see them. Be sure that you entrust your skin to someone who had proper education, training and certification. If you can’t see their licenses on display, it is best to ask them.

A professional estheticians always asks the client about the recent skin conditions and any procedures made or any medications taken that may affect the skin.  This is to make certain the proper application and implementation of the treatment depending on the client’s situation. 

How they actually pull the hair plays a great role in preventing skin bruises. Their knowledge on sensitive areas will surely free you from the pain often associated with improper execution.

Good Reviews

Reliability depends on good reviews from previous clients. Make time in finding out how they handle their customers. Personal recommendations are a good way of ensuring that you are in good hands. You wouldn’t be recommended to try spas that they feel are dangerous and will just waste your money. 

You can also try looking at their online reviews. Here you can read opinions of others who might have tried their services. Be cautious and take time to read those to avoid any waxing spas with poor services.

Researching and paying a visit to the spa will give you an idea of what to expect from their services. Consider these 3 things and you might just get the best waxing spa experience.