Finding Hidden Water Leaks

Water leaks can easily set you back thousands of dollars in plumbing repair services and so, you need to stay on top of things. Evaluating your home at least twice a year should keep you on top of things, but that doesn’t mean your home is entirely leak proof. They say that when you identify the leak, you have solved half of the problem, and the rest is just fixing it. However, you are experiencing plumbing issues; that is a different problem. Something you can’t detect and find can be quite problematic. A leak that you are yet to find is far worse since it makes you lose water, money and even damages your house without your knowledge. So, how do you find hidden water leaks? This article will shed some light:

If you want to find hidden water leaks in your house, you need to understand the signs as well as the problems to be on the look for before embarking on the search. More often that not, you will notice the following signs in your house when dealing with hidden leaks.

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Discoloration or stains on the ceilings and walls are common with hidden leaks. Also, you may want to step around the house and see if there’s any sunken flooring inside the house. Sunken boards are usually as a result of continuous water contact which could be as a result of a leak. Water makes the wood to rot and therefore becomes weak and unstable.
Another common sign of hidden leaks is moist or damp areas on the carpet. These are usually as a result of the carpet absorbing the water from a leak and thus creating a wet feeling.
If you light the switches and notice a crackle or a spark in the electrical system, then that is a sign of water interfering with the power system. This can be quite hazardous, and it’s advisable to turn off the electricity before extensive damage befalls your house.
So, you have discovered the leaks, what next?
The best way to fix the hidden leaks is by using an expert in plumbing, preferably one who has experience with hidden leaks. Professional plumbers Like can quickly discover the source of the leak and fix it before your house sustains further damage. However, ensure that you get an experienced, qualified and skilled plumber for the job and ensure their services fall within your budget. Save your money and house by using professionals to handle the hidden leaks.